Investment Criteria

Outside of our property management company, Adishian Capital is interested in following investment or acquisition opportunities: 

  • Acquiring property management companies;
  • Acquiring operating companies with $2-20M in revenues with an existing customer and revenue base but are either undercapitalized, mismanaged or have become non-strategic assets to the seller;

If you have would like to present your investment opportunity to us, please use the submission form on the Contact Us page or call 310.426.8832.

Investment Activities

Historically, we have invested directly.  More recently, we are looking for private real estate or private company opportunities to present to our network of private investors.

Current Investments

Various Public Market Securities


Past Investments

Dwight Blake Bear, LLC.  Original investor in residential student housing project located near the University of California at Berkeley that provides housing for approximately 30 students.  Search our listings database to check for vacancies.  Exited in 2015.