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Should I hire a property management company or self-manage my commercial property?

Is it a good idea for a property owner to self-manage their properties?

Commercial Properties

What can a Landlord do when a commercial tenant refuses to pay rent?

What are “common area maintenance charges” (CAMS)?

What if my commercial Landlord wrongfully refuses to refund my security deposit?

Is there a limit to how much a commercial Landlord can increase the rent on a commercial Tenant?

What are some common commercial lease negotiating points?

What if the Tenant leaves without paying his utility charges?

How do I select a good tenant? Evict a bad tenant?

What are some important considerations for ADA compliance for commercial landlords and tenants?

Should you require copies of leases or tenant estoppel certificate when buying commercial buildings?

When buying a commercial property, who should be on my team?

What are some considerations in deciding how to hold title to the property?

How important are environmental issues when purchasing a commercial property?

I just purchased a commercial property. Now what do I do?

When buying a multi-unit property do the security deposits transfer from Seller to Buyer?

What are some of the major deal points with transactions involving a rent control building?

Residential Properties

When can a residential Landlord access a Tenant occupied unit??

If the lease ends does the tenant HAVE to move out?

Is there an expedited legal procedure for evictions?